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Burnout from a Physician's Perspective with guest Dr Richard Sztramko

March 25, 2022 Dr. Daniela Steyn Season 2 Episode 202
Wellness MD
Burnout from a Physician's Perspective with guest Dr Richard Sztramko
Show Notes

Physician burnout is a growing problem in the medical community. It's characterized by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a decreased sense of accomplishment. These symptoms can lead to decreased job satisfaction and an increase in errors.

Several factors contribute to physician burnout. The job demands, long hours, and unrealistic expectations can all take their toll. In addition, many physicians feel like they cannot provide the best care for their patients due to time constraints and other factors beyond their control.

In this episode of the Wellness MD Podcast, Dr. Daniela Steyn and Dr. Richard Sztramko discuss physician burnout. Dr. Richard Sztramko practices Geriatric and Internal Medicine at St. Peter's and Juravinski Hospitals in Hamilton, Ontario. He is an Assistant Professor at McMaster University. He is also the co-founder of Arya Electronic Health Records and Handover (https://www.aryaehr.com/), a cutting-edge health tech company rapidly expanding in hospitals and outpatient clinics throughout Canada.  

Dr. Sztramko, being a Geriatric physician and family man, will discuss the first signs of burnout that you should look out for. He will also share the strategies he personally implemented to combat and prevent burnout. 

If you're a busy professional struggling to keep up with the demands of your job and family life, this podcast is a must-listen!

*Legal Disclaimer: This podcast is intended for educational purposes only. For your medical advice, please get in touch with your own Health Care provider. Never ignore medical advice because of something you have heard on this podcast.

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