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Stress, Burnout, HPA axis and how to heal: a discussion with Nutritionist Gina Alfieri.

March 21, 2022 Dr. Daniela Steyn Season 2 Episode 201
Wellness MD
Stress, Burnout, HPA axis and how to heal: a discussion with Nutritionist Gina Alfieri.
Show Notes

Do you feel like stress is taking over your life? You're not alone. Stress is one of the most common health concerns in the world. But what exactly is stress, and why does it seem to affect us so much?

In this podcast, Dr. Daniela Steyn will talk to a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Gina Alfieri. Gina is also a wellness business owner, wife, and mom of 4. Gina is passionate about helping people get to the root of their illness by focusing on the whole person using whole foods, a healthy lifestyle approach, and supplementation. She is a fitness enthusiast, bookworm, and active community member.

This podcast will focus on what exactly stress is, how stress affects your life, how it leads to burnout, and how you can manage it. We'll also discuss some of the latest research on stress and its effects on your health.

Did you know that stress will show up in your body in several ways before it leads to severe burnout? Some of the ways that we see stress show up in our bodies are through:

• Digestive disorders (lowers HCl, slows down/speeds up motility, alters gut flora)

• Muscle tension (stress headaches, body aches, jaw tension from teeth clenching)

• Decreased immune function

• Insulin resistance (prone to cravings)

• Weight gain

• Hormone imbalances

• Mood swings

Gina, like many of you, is spinning many plates. In this podcast, Gina shares how she is intentional with her time to avoid unnecessary stressors and lead a balanced, healthy life. If you are feeling stressed and burnt out and would also like to live a life of optimal health, listen to our podcast today!


*Legal Disclaimer: This podcast is intended for educational purposes only. For your medical advice, please get in touch with your own Health Care provider. Never ignore medical advice because of something you have heard on this podcast.


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