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The Health and Wellness Talk Show on Burnout with Jessica Pozo

June 29, 2022
Wellness MD
The Health and Wellness Talk Show on Burnout with Jessica Pozo
Show Notes

Welcome to The Health and Wellness Talk Show. In this episode, Dr. Daniela Steyn speaks with Jessica Pozo about Burnout. 


Jessica is a certified functional medicine health coach with a nursing background. She is a highly motivated individual, passionate about helping people live their best life. Jessica mostly works with nurses and other front-line workers to prioritize their health so that they can continue to provide high quality care to their patients.


In this episode, several key topics are covered, including:

1.      Fatigue and Iron deficiency (around the 5-minute mark) 

2.      What is sleep apnea? (around 8:30 minute mark)

3.      Gut health and IV nutrients (around the 12-minute mark)

4.      Adrenal fatigue, stress, and burnout (around the 15:20 minute mark)

5.      What is a health coach and where can I find one? (around the 20 minute mark)

6.      What is burnout? (around the 27-minute mark)

7.      The impact of burnout on health care professionals (around the 29-minute mark)

8.      How to recover from burnout (around the 32-minute mark) 

And lots more!


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