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The Health and Wellness Talk Show on Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Amanda Marrone

October 26, 2022 Dr. Daniela Steyn
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The Health and Wellness Talk Show on Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Amanda Marrone
Show Notes

Welcome to the Health and Wellness Talk Show on Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Amanda Marrone! In this episode, we'll be discussing all things lifestyle medicine, from how to make small changes that can have a big impact on your health, to tips for staying motivated and accountable. 

Dr. Amanda Marrone has been a family physician in the Niagara region in Ontario for almost 18 years, after completing both her medical and residency training at McMaster.  She practiced rural family medicine at the Smithville Family Health team from 2004 – 2020 where she included hospital in-patient care, low risk obstetrics, surgical assisting and palliative care in her scope of practice.   She is an Associate Clinical Professor at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine,  and enjoys teaching both undergraduate and post-graduate trainees.  

In July 2020 Dr. Marrone made the decision to transition away from her  busy full-time family practice and currently fills her professional time with surgical assisting, teaching and pursuing her dream of practicing lifestyle medicine full time.    In December 2021, Amanda completed the rigorous process of becoming officially Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.  Dr. Marrone believes that lifestyle-based patient education is medicine's "missing link", and it has the potential to change the face of chronic disease in Canada. 

She is the creator of the "Welcome Home! Lifestyle Medicine Program", a 12 week group-based patient education program which focuses on the six pillars of lifestyle medicine:  nutrition, physical activity, stress management, substance avoidance, sleep hygiene and social interconnectedness.  She is excited to launch this program virtually by early 2023.

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