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The all or nothing mindset with Amanda Nighbert

December 13, 2022 Dr. Daniela Steyn
Wellness MD
The all or nothing mindset with Amanda Nighbert
Show Notes

In this episode of the Wellness MD podcast, Dr. Daniela Steyn talks to Amanda Nighbert about the all or nothing mindset and how it can impact your health and wellness. They discuss the dangers of perfectionism and how to cultivate a more flexible mindset that will serve you better in life.

Amanda Nighbert is a registered dietitian specializing in weight loss nutrition. Her passion and purpose is to empower others to break the all or nothing mindset and find sustainable change for long term weight loss success. She presented this powerful message on the Ted X stage March of 2021. With 20 years of knowledge and experience under her belt, she provides upper level nutrition education and support to everyone she works with. 

With her custom LEAN Program, range of coaching services, and multiple shop offerings, she has cultivated a brand that focuses on giving participants the leading tools and resources to help reach the best versions of themselves. Amanda’s goal is to provide the most current, cutting edge nutritional techniques that not only provide results but are also sustainable for life. 

Listen to the end to learn:
1. How to break the all or nothing mindset
2. How to use the 80/20 principle in your life
3. How to determine your why
4. About muscle-centric medicine
5. When you should start strength training

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