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Beating Inflammation with Bonnie Flemington

July 04, 2023 Dr. Daniela Steyn
Wellness MD
Beating Inflammation with Bonnie Flemington
Show Notes

Today, I'm excited to introduce you to Bonnie Flemington, a holistic nutritionist and passionate advocate for the management of osteoarthritis. She is also a certified nutritionist who believes wellness involves a holistic approach.

Bonnie takes a big-picture view when creating personal and guided nutrition plans, helping people reduce inflammation and gain energy without feeling deprived or spending hours in the kitchen.

In this episode, Bonnie shares some great insights on how to cure inflammation through lifestyle medicine, including which foods to eat and which to avoid, and lifestyle changes that can help you live inflammation free.

Bonnie Flemington, MBA, CNP, RWP is a Certified Nutritionist with additional training in functional testing and solutions for imbalances in digestion, metabolic function, and blood chemistry. She also specializes in addressing pain and inflammation. Utilizing the right testing for your symptoms and goals gives Bonnie the information she needs to create a custom protocol that will expedite your healing.

Bonnie’s clients cite her non-judgmental, responsive, and genuine approach as also making a big difference in their success. Bonnie works with individual clients and runs online and group programs.

Bonnie’s 12-week group program, Pain Free Naturally runs twice a year starting in September and January and she also provides a digital done-for-you seasonal weekly meal planning program.

CNP – Certified Nutritional Practitioner
RWS – Restorative Wellness Practitioner

You can find more information on Bonnie at https://bonnieflemington.com/

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