Wellness MD

Dealing with disappointment

December 03, 2021 Dr. Daniela Steyn & JB Ryan Season 1 Episode 110
Wellness MD
Dealing with disappointment
Show Notes

In Life, we all have to deal with disappointment. It’s something that we can’t escape. Not only do WE need to deal with the disappointment, but we often also need to help others, such as our children and family members, to work through disappointment.

Living through the covid pandemic, we are confronted with more disappointments than any of us anticipated.  We have had 18 months of disappointments. How are we dealing with these disappointments? Are we dealing with it? Are we becoming more resilient? Or are we getting used to not dealing with it and bottling everything up?

Listen to this insightful podcast by wellness expert Dr. Daniela Steyn and her Life coach, Sister, JB discussing practical strategies to deal with disappointment.

We look forward to journeying with you towards health and happiness!
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