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Healthy Holiday Habits

December 19, 2021 Dr. Daniela Steyn & JB Ryan Season 1 Episode 111
Wellness MD
Healthy Holiday Habits
Show Notes

Happy Holidays!
We hope you have a wonderful festive season and get an opportunity to relax and disconnect.

The holiday season is a way to spend some much-needed time away from work with friends and family. This is such a wonderful opportunity to reflect and align our intentions with our values.
 It is a time to enjoy delicious home-cooked meals around the table with loved ones.
 However, this is also often a time of overindulgence.  You might feel anxious that Christmas baking threatens to derail your hard work of living a healthy lifestyle.
 Holiday social events are not something to be feared. Together we can break the cycle of overeating and guilt by being intentional and mindful when enjoying food this Christmas Season.
Listen to this insightful podcast by wellness expert Dr. Daniela Steyn and her Life coach, Sister, JB discussing practical strategies to make this festive season a healthy happy one!

We look forward to journeying with you towards health and happiness!
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