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New Years Resolutions: How to guarantee success!

December 28, 2021 Dr. Daniela Steyn & JB Ryan Season 1 Episode 112
Wellness MD
New Years Resolutions: How to guarantee success!
Show Notes

Some people call them resolutions. Some call them intentions. Some love them and some avoid them.  In this podcast JB and Dr Daniela discuss how you can capitalize on the beauty of an empty first page of the new yearbook we all get to narrate our own story with intention. If your goals include being healthy and happy, some of the resolutions we recommend in this podcast might serve as great inspiration to you in 2022.

How to set New Year’s Resolutions you will achieve

1. Make it attainable

2. Prioritize your resolutions

3. Build reminders into your year

4. Congratulate yourself on the small wins


The most effective way to set resolutions that you will want to prioritize, is to align them to your life goals. If your life goals include being healthy and happy - there are three New Year’s Resolutions that we recommend making for 2022. 

i. Improve your Health

ii. Manage technology

iii. #SayItNow. 

1.     Improve your health

Anyone suffering from a health ailment will know that there is freedom in living healthy and pain free.  We at WellnessMDHealth believe that what we eat, how we sleep and how much we move directly impact our short-term and long term physical and mental health.  This podcast will give you ideas on which health goals you could set.

i. Nutrition: Add wholefoods and greens

ii. Move more: Exercise is key 

iii. Sleep: Sleep well , sleep enough 

2.                   Manage your use of technology

We discuss practical advice on how to manage your technology usage, instead of it managing you.
 Some practical tips you could try:

i)No technology in the bedroom

ii) Fast from Social Media

iii) Implement Technology free times

3.                   #Sayitnow

Expressing appreciation, gratitude and kindness to others.

#Sayitnow is a challenge - to identify people that you want to thank and share gratitude with, now. 

The idea is to identify people, in three buckets.

i)         People not close to you. Just flowers on the path that you’ve been journeying on in your life, such as a colleague you speak with once a year, or a cashier at your favorite grocery store.

ii)       People that were close at some point. But you rarely speak. Maybe it’s a college friend. A neighbor the in city where you lived ten years ago. Your nanny growing up. 

iii)      Those close to you.

The goal is to make a list of these people and express gratitude to them in a special way - it can be with a hand-written note or a video you record and send. Our challenge to you - is to do one every single week. 52 people who you are going to make happy and enrich their 2022. You will be happier as a result. And then, if you get the call - or they get the call – there will be nothing to regret.

Listen to this episode for an in-depth conversation about New Year’s Resolutions or watch it on Youtube at https://bit.ly/WellnessNYR

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